Cambridge Blue Plaque Walk

25%_co_plaque_all copyOn the 18th October this year (2014) we are organising a walk around the blue plaques of Cambridge as part of the Art Language Location exhibition. Not only will we be visiting the 19 plaques on our route but we will also be placing 50 of our own. These will include the names of ‘everyday’ people who have lived in or visited Cambridge at some point in their lives. You do not need to be an Olympic rower or be named after a significant scientific discovery to get involved. Just send your (or someone you know) NAME, TITLE (engineer, hairy biker, commuter) and a strapline or quote to me Alban Low at

Art Language Location
ALL is an art exhibition that will take place in October 2014 in a variety of venues across Cambridge. The exhibition will feature work from engaging and innovative artists from Cambridge and across the UK and beyond who use text in their work.
Works will be located in a mixture of both established text-based spaces (e.g. bookshop, library, gallery) and in alternative urban sites, providing an extended, context-driven environment in which works can create a dialogue between language and location.

Ella Penn and Blue Plaque

Ella Penn and Blue Plaque

Magnetic Art
We have a history of working in this way with magnets and have exhibited over 4000 artworks on the streets of the UK and around the world. Check out our history on the CollectConnect website. Your blue plaque will be printed onto a 7cm diameter magnet and placed along our route as we walk past Cambridge’s more established plaques. If you would like a copy of your magnetic blue plaque then we’ll send you one for FREE. Last year we created a similar exhibition as we walked around Tufnell Park and Hampstead on our Patternotion walk. Check out the film we made HERE.

We will be printing a map of our route that has both Cambridge’s established blue plaques and those of our local heroes on it. The map will have an ISBN and be published by 200 year old publishing house Sampson Low Ltd. A copy of this map will be stored by the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, Cambridge University Library, The National Library of Scotland, The Library of Trinity College Dublin, The National Library of Wales and The British Library.

We need the people of Cambridge to get involved and have their lives recognised for achievements big and small. As you can see from some of the examples, our ‘heroes’ have their tongues firmly in their cheeks. So think humorous, aspirational, cheeky and local. All we need is….

a NAME – Yours, friend or family

a TITLE – mother, artist, resident of a road, punter, something that sums you up.

a QUOTE or strapline – what you think you should be remembered for!

send these details to me Alban Low at and I’ll be in touch.

co_100_blue_plaque_Katie_StoneThe Cambridge Blue Plaque Route
Below are the plaques we are hoping to visit on the 18th October.

1.Basque refugees – 1 Station Road
2.Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (1852 to 1924) Composer – 10 Harvey Road
3.Eglantyne Jebb (1876 to 1928) Founder of the Save the Children charity – 82 Regents Street
4.Thomas Hobson (1544 to 1630) Carrier and stable keeper – Hobson House, 44 St Andrew’s St
5.Sir Jack Hobbs (1882 to 1963) Cricketer – Hobb’s Pavilion, Parker’s Piece
6.Charles Humfrey (1772 to 1848) Architect, engineer, property developer and banker- Corner of Maid’s Causeway and Fair Street.
7.David Marshall (1873 to 1942) University caterer, sportsman and early pioneer of motoring and flying. Founder of Marshall of Cambridge – 17-22 Jesus Lane
8.Ann Docwra (circa 1624 to 1710) Quaker who donated the Friends’ Meeting House in 1700 – Corner of Jesus Lane and Park Street.
9.Cambridge Mayoralty ‘ 800th anniversary – The Guildhall, Peas Hill?
10.John Maynard Keynes (1883 to 1946) Economist, philosopher, businessman, civil servant and diplomat – Art’s Theatre, Peas Hill
11.John Mortlock (1755 to 1816) Draper, banker, MP, recorder and thirteen times Mayor – 15 Bene’t Street.
12.The Discovery of DNA – The Eagles Public House, 8 Bene’t Street.
13.Birthplace of the Reformation – White Horse Inn, King’s College, King’s Parade.
14.Dr Stephen Perse (1548 to 1645) Physician, financier, philanthropist and founder of the Perse School – Whipple Museum of Science, Free School Lane.
15.Gwen Raverat (1885 to 1957) Artist, illustrator, wood engraver and author – Darwin College, Silver Street.
16.Sir Frank Whittle (1907 to 1996) Pilot, engineer and inventor of the turbojet engine – Engineering Faculty Gates, University of Cambridge, Trumpington Street.
17.William Wilkins (1778 to 1839) Architect – Chemistry Laboratory, Lensfield Road.
18.Henry Fawcett (1833 to 1884) Liberal MP and Postmaster General – 18 Brookside, Trumpington Road.
19.John Stevens Henslow (1796 to 1861) Professor, churchman, botanist and geologist, founder of the Cambridge Botanic Gardens – Botanic Gardens, Bateman Street.

Summer’s Out!

From Spring to summer has been a heavy time with work, at last I’m gaining a little breathing space to write some of it down before I take my annual trip to France in July.

Art Jazzed Up album

Art Jazzed Up album

Art Jazzed Up
The album, CD and booklet has now been released!
On the 11th November 2013 the Art Jazzed Up exhibition was opened to the public along with a unique performance that combined live art and music. The audience sat facing 3 blank paper canvases while Mike DiRubbo (alto saxophone), Duncan Eagles (tenor/soprano saxophone), Bill Mudge (piano), Max Luthert (Bass) and Dave Storey (drums) were hidden behind the white screens. Between the audience and musicians I was drawing in spirit ink on the canvases. My black lines slowly seeped through to the audience’s side and the images started to magically appear.

As well as filming the event (WATCH HERE) the sound was also recorded by engineer Nick Pugh of Session Corner and we’ve produced an 8 page booklet with a CD that includes 6 tracks from these talented musicians from London and New York. The booklet includes all the artwork from the performance as well as written pieces about all the performers and myself.

You can buy the CD/Booklet on AMAZON or order from your local library.

Vortex Dome LA

Vortex Dome LA

Ping Pong Paranoia at MORPOS Los Angeles
My first film, ‘Ping Pong Paranoia’, from the simulated mental health ward residency at Kingston University and St George’s University London will be receiving its international premiere in Los Angeles, California later this month. It will be shown as part of MORPHOS Immersive Video Dome Art festival on the 27th June 2014. MORPHOS is a one night immersive video experience featuring the world premiere of new experimental immersive and interactive video art in the Vortex LA Dome.

This current crop of films use sound recordings taken from the simulated mental health ward itself as its inspiration. The first film features both the voice of role-player Lindsay Shepherd and a soundtrack by experimental improvisation trio Toy Rokit. The film, Ping Pong Paranoia, explores the ever increasing anxiety and feeling of claustrophobia felt by the paranoid patient ‘Sandra’ as she voices her concerns about being stuck on the ward.
Link here to the Morphos website and information.

Filmpoem poster

Filmpoem poster

‘What’s real is home’ film at Filmpoem Festival Antwerp
I was delighted and surprised to learn that another film from the residency ‘What’s real is home’ is going to screened at the Filmpoem Festival, held this year in the Felix Archief in Antwerp in partnership with Felix Poetry Festival and in association with The Poetry Society. It will be screened on the 14th June as part of the Open Programme between 3-3.45pm.

The film was made in collaboration with poet Robin Vaughan-Williams who I met a few months ago when we worked together on the Jawspring exhibition together. Robin took the original transcription I made on the simulated  mental ward to create a new literary work. You know me, I couldn’t resist a jazz inspired score and this time it was courtesy of Leo Appleyard and his quartet. They are just about to release their debut album, Pembroke Road, on the F-IRE label in September 2014.

FAB Fridge crowd 2014

FAB Fridge crowd 2014

FAB Fridge 2014 at Fringe Arts Bath
We had fantastic day out in Bath in May at the Fringe Arts Bath Festival. We placed 320 magnets on the streets for eager art collectors to pick up from 124 artists. It was a little bit wet but we didn’t let that dampen our enthusiasm.

See more pictures and read about the exhibition – LINK HERE

Album Art
Apart from our very own Art Jazzed Up, I have been busy with Max Luthert new release ‘Orbital’ (Whirlwind Recordings) and Leo Appleyard’s debut ‘Pembroke Road’ (F-IRE). I have just heard the first track from Partikel’s new album which has a string quartet at its heart, Sounds AMAZING! Lets hope the artwork lives up to the music, the pressure will be on.

Thomas Yocum’s 148 page guide to the Lingala language of Kinshasa and the Democratic Republic of Congo is all finished. I drew 45 illustrations for it as well the cover design. In the near future we’ll be releasing at as a free resource through Tom’s Loba Lingala website.

Bernie Family Commission

Bernie Family Commission

Private Commissions
Now some of these are secret but I have just finished a picture for The Madden Family and I have another which I must keep under my hat. I am revisiting a conceptual eye portrait for the Harwood-Matthews clan and finally a portrait of Ben Starkie is waiting to be started.

Jazz Sheet Music
In the past month I have started working for Sheet music specialist at Kevin Bell Music on their Big Jazz Face website. The paintings of Jazz’s great and good will adorn their sheet music hopefully for years to come.

Art Of Jazz
Life on the circuit is varied and exciting at the moment and it’s not all jazz. London is such a rich melting pot of music styles and creative energies.
Last week I had the fortune of sketching B-Movie beauty Jane Badler at the Groucho Club. You never know what’s going to pop in your inbox from one week to the next.

I would appreciate a quieter period to get a bit of creative energy back into these bones. I have an eye on a collaboration with improvisation trio Toy Rokit for some films and album later in the year, and am visiting the Isle of Wight for the first time to scout out an inspirational location.

and finally……

Twickenham Alive Film Festival - Special Mention

Twickenham Alive Film Festival – Special Mention

Special Mention at the Twickenham Film Festival 2014
The first ever film we made, The River has been awarded a Special Mention at the Twickenham Alive Film Festival this week. Now in its second year the Festival celebrates the ingenuity and originality that is bubbling up in the local area as well as internationally.

10 films were screened on the night with 3 major awards presented for Original Cinematography, Young Filmmaker and International Drama. There were a further 7 Special Mentions, of which we were the proud recipients of one.
The River is one long continuous drawing of the River Crane in Twickenham. The soundtrack is by Partikel (Eric Ford, Duncan Eagles and Max Luthert) and was inspired by the River Thames at Kingston where two of the trio used to live.