Threshold Festival 1/2/3 April 2016

T6_VisArtsTeaser_3840pxIt is an honour to be selected as one of the visual artists exhibiting at this year’s Threshold Festival in Liverpool. The 2016 exhibition is entitled “Alchemy: Materials & Transformation” and will feature in 9 venues across the Baltic Triangle, with over 40 participating artists from Merseyside and across the UK.

I’ll be exhibiting my work at the main Visual Art hub, The Gallery Liverpool [Stanhope Street] but the exhibition will continue across established venues and emerging spaces in the Baltic.
Visual Arts Curator, Jazamin Sinclair said “We have over 25 people working together in our visual arts team to curate, plan, install & pull together our full exhibition programme this year. All the ideas and planning means that things are now really starting to take shape and we are really looking forward to working together with the artists to install the exhibitions across the 9 venues!”

You can pick up Threshold weekend passes for £20 (just £10 for students) via Skiddle. If you’re quick, you may still be able to grab a cheap pass via Party For The People, but don’t delay. And for the traditionalists, you can pick up paper tickets from official Threshold stockists, Dig Vinyl and made-here.
Threshold Festival takes place from 1st-3rd April, 2016 across numerous venues in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

After publishing several chapbooks for other artists this will be my first publication of my own work in this format. The chapbook will called The Gift and will be free for exhibition goers to collect. Read a little more about the exhibition and project below.

The Gift

If the traditional definition of Alchemy is the magical transmutation of base metal into gold then gambling must be the modern version of this art. Nothing can place golden nuggets faster in your pocket than going into a betting shop in the morning and leaving that same evening a millionaire.

It is just as magical (and possibly confusing) looking at the betting card with its information including form (races run), fitness, jockey, trainer, weight, age, breeding to name just a few. Horse racing is a visual feast too with the luxurious jockey’s silks, the bookies’ legendary tic-tac sign language and all the colour and excitement of a day at the track itself.

It sounds so simple to pick a winner and turn your original stake into pure profit by merely sitting on your backside. In reality deciphering all the race information is totally confusing and very few punters make a profit from betting. There is an answer, a creative solution, if we view the basic information in a graphic form then it is easy to see the horses who are worthy of a bet. Our eyes merely have to see the anomaly in the pattern to pick the winner. There will be those who have the gift and those that don’t. Do you?

Value BettingHistory
For my 21st Birthday I ask for and received a present that changed the way I worked as an artist. This wasn’t a palette, paintbrush or new type of paper, it was a book. This publication was by a tipster and journalist Mark Coton and called Value Betting. It didn’t tell you how to pick which horse would win but how to look at information to suit your own needs. It required the reader to play the long game, to win over a season rather then walk away from each day with your Midas touch intact. I applied this approach to my life as well as my art, and since then I have been a compulsive systems maker. I devise and create patterns of working, exhibiting and creating in my head and then go out into the physical world to apply them.

These diagrams are both art and information. Each horse is assigned a counter or token image, this is changed in size and location through its application to a specific system. It is the viewers choice as to which token catches their eye, this is the one they can bet on. The art will take the form of a book (published by Sampson Low Ltd specifically for the Threshold festival) and contains the answers/results in the back pages so the reader can see if they have ‘the gift’ and could make a profit by betting in this way.

Race_1_250_AYR_11_19_2015 copyLiverpool and Threshold
Not only is the Threshold Festival a fertile ground for trying new ideas like this but Liverpool is its home. Aintree (Liverpool) hosts the most famous horse race in the world with The Grand National happening just one week (7th April) after the 2016 Threshold Festival(1-3rd April). This would be the perfect opportunity to test the theory that we can identity the winner through the power of Art.


Winter/Spring 2016

Alban_low_BuntingThe Autumn and Winter of 2015 was as busy as ever with trips abroad and exhibitions keeping me occupied. I was commissioned to create/draw the bunting for Twickenham town Centre by BID Twickenham during the Rugby World Cup 2015. I was very proud to help my home town in such a way and it inspired a whole series of commissions for rugby fans throughout the world.


Clemens Poetzsch

2016 is proving to be an exciting year with several album covers already under my belt and many more to come. These include NYC alto saxophonist Patrick Cornelius who will be releasing his new album When We Were Very Young in the UK during February 2016. New label Two Rivers Records have been increasingly present on my drawing table with imminent releases from Clemens Christian Poetzsch (PEOPLE & PLACES), Robert Menzel (Alchemy), Dave Kane (Mysore mornings), Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and Michael Chillingworth. On the independent tip I have already completed US singer Diane Taber’s latest album artwork and Firefay’s The King Must Die which will be launched in London on the 12th February 2016.

33%_Florence_Flyer_2_vectorHere’s something for you to get involved in. I’ll be organising the Art of Caring again this year. Last year’s exhibition was a massive success with 252 artworks by 130 artists exhibited at the Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames. Well were at it again. Submit up to 3 images to on the theme of Caring or Care and we’ll exhibit them in the exhibition, which starts on International Nurses Day (12th May).
Full details here.

Deadline 31st March 2016.


Autumn Exhibitions 2015

33%_French_Days_PV_card_front_4 copyFrench Days
After a really busy start to 2015 I needed my annual getaway to the South of France over August. As always it was a mixture of sun, wine and good living. Like previous years I did one drawing a day to help me to remember those sunny moments when the dark days of England are heavy on the heart. To help preserve that bit of summer for many more months to come I’m exhibiting a collection of these drawings at T&T, 106A Alexandra Park Road, London, N10 2AE from 19th September to 11th October.

We’re having a big party to celebrate on Sunday 27th September from 12-3pm, so come along, see the drawings and have a glass of wine.

3rd Annual North Texas Recovery Conference
I’ll be presenting a paper on Art and Recovery alongside psychotherapist Harvey Wells and poet Kevin Acott at this popular conference in Denton, Texas, USA. They’ll be a ‘live’ art display to entertain the delegates too.

33%_Life_of_endings_PV_Card_front_3 copyA Life of Endings
Earlier this year I had the exciting opportunity of sketching in the Dissecting Rooms at King’s College London. I’ll be exhibiting my drawings in the Gordon Museum of Pathology on Thursday 10th September  2015 from 6-8pm. On the night there will be a live performance from Bill Mudge (music) and Kevin Acott (poetry) in the museum itself. We’ll be publishing a book to go alongside the exhibition and releasing the sound narratives that Bill and Kevin create.

For further information contact Bill Edwards, Curator, The Gordon Museum of Pathology at or Harvey Wells at



Summer 2015

This has been one of busiest periods of my life with an explosion of exhibition, films and album covers.
Here’s a whistle stop tour of some highlights and a few pictures before I have to get back to the drawing board.

Lesley Christiane and Trevor Baylis

Lesley Christiane and Trevor Baylis

Twickenham Film Festival Award
I picked up an award alongside Kelvin and Lesley Christiane of Twickenham Jazz Club in June for our short film – Twickenham Jazz Club Sketchbook.
It was a wonderful night on Eel Pie island as we rubbed shoulders with some inspirational characters like inventor Trevor Baylis.

Alen Ilijic outside the Lepa Brena apartments in Nis, Serbia

Alen Ilijic outside the Lepa Brena apartments in Nis, Serbia

Stone Upon Stone Festival
In April I flew out to Serbia to be artist-in-residence at the inaugural Stone Upon Stone festival in Nis. It was my first visit to Serbia and I was well looked after by my hosts Dejan, Alen and Milica Ilijic. I sketched for three nights at the festival and captured 6 different bands/groups. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to discover new music and explore another country and culture. The highlight was being able to stay amongst the local people in the ex-communist Lepa Brena apartment block on the edge of town.

Magna Carta Suite - Alex Hutton Trio

Magna Carta Suite – Alex Hutton Trio

Alex Hutton and Partikel
Over the past couple of months two of my album covers have been featured on new releases by Alex Hutton Trio and Partikel.
This is my second album for Alex Hutton. His album ‘Magna Carta Suite’ celebrates the 800 anniversary of the charter.
The new Partikel album is a cracker. They have composed and recorded and album with a supper talented string quartet, featuring one of my favourite musicians Benet Mclean.
It is my third album cover for Partikel and once again they release on Michael Janisch’s Whirlwind Label.

Onstage at the Rose Theatre Kingston

Onstage at the Rose Theatre Kingston

The Art of Caring and Nursing’s Got Talent
A massive organisational headache but well worth the extra effort. In May 2015 I organised the Art of Caring exhibition that brought together 255 artworks from 133 artists on the theme of Caring and Care. The exhibition helped celebrate International Nurses’ Day 2015 and we had submissions from all around the world. More info –

As part of this week of celebrations I worked alongside Kingston University to organise a day of performances at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. I was last on stage drawing live on large paper canvases, beside me was talented Duncan Eagles (saxophone), Max Luthert (bass), Chris Nickolls (drums) and Bill Mudge (Keys).

Walk Exeter Random

Walk Exeter Random

Walk Exeter Random
Never one to be pigeon-holed I took to the streets for something a bit more subversive at the NOSE 2015 festival in Exeter. It’s fast becoming one of our favourite platforms for testing out the freshest of ideas and artworks. Last year Harvey Wells and I placed magnetic images of one-sided conversations on the cities streets. This year we made the city centre of Exeter into a giant maze. Harvey and I armed ourselves with cameras and a dice, fate was our mistress for a day. We also commissioned a piece of random inspired music from long time collaborator Juan Maria Solare called ‘One of these dice’.

Aspic film poster

Aspic film poster

Wellington Underground Film Festival
May was an exciting month as we also premiered a new film called Apsic at the Wellington Underground Film Festival in New Zealand. Apsic was made as part of mine and Bill Mudge’s trip to the TANE house on the Isle of Wight. It has a brilliant score that is part written and part improvised by experimental trio Toy Rokit.

Disordering Chaos at Fringe Arts Bath

Disordering Chaos at Fringe Arts Bath

Disordering Chaos at Fringe Arts Bath
I exhibited Murder Minutes 1 and 2 at Fringe Arts Bath this year in their excellent Disordering Chaos show. The exhibition looked at systems of order in art and the wider world, the show presented works which utilise or disrupt ordering, cataloguing or organisational systems. There was a little bit of excitement as my work Murder Minutes 2 was stolen from the exhibition. It was returned a day after with a full annotated solution its Agatha Christie puzzle, put it is still mystery who the light fingered code cracker was? Curated by Mark Fearbunce.

Piers Green portrait at Twickenham Jazz Club

Piers Green portrait at Twickenham Jazz Club

Musicians in Motion Exhibition
Thank you to hosts Lesley and Kelvin Christiane at Twickenham Jazz Club and all the staff at the Cabbage Patch for putting on our Musicians in Motion exhibition in June. What a fabulous day as part of the Twickenham festival.

Dr Adebayo Alade

Dr Adebayo Alade

Dissecting Room
It is an experience that changes the way you think about your own body and those pressed tight against us as we go about our daily lives. In April I was given the opportunity alongside poet Kevin Acott to enter the inner sanctum of King’s College Dissecting Room. The days before were full of visions of unimaginable deaths that spawned in the mind, for this was my first encounter with a dead human body. Hopefully we’ll have an exhibition of the work later in the year.
Watch this space.




Threshold V


In March 2015 it will be the first opportunity to see the work which has come out of the TANE project.

Toy Rokit and myself will be showing our film ‘UpDownGreen’ at the cutting edge Threshold V Festival from the 27th-29th March 2015


TANE copyright of Bill Mudge

In July 2014 Bill Mudge and I were given the opportunity to stay in the TANE house, Isle of Wight, UK.  The award-winning house was featured as part of the Grand Designs series when it was built in 2010 and was short-listed for the Grand Designs Award and in 2013 was nominated as one of Kevin McCloud’s Top Ten Grand Design Projects following their 100th series. In addition, Tane won the Architect’s Journal Small Build Award 2011 and the RIBA 2011 (Isle of Wight) Award. It was designed by its then owner, Lincoln Miles, and influenced by his partner, artist Lisa Traxler.

UpDownGreen film

UpDownGreen film

The stay in the house was unusual in that it had been recently purchased, and only sparsely furnished. It gave us the chance to see the building in its purest form. It was our desire to find the narrative and theme of the property, both visually and musically. Alongside electronic trio Toy Rokit we’ve made 4 films inspired by Tane itself. UpDownGreen is the first of these to be exhibited.

View Bill Mudge’s portfolio from our visit. HERE

The story of the building can be watched here, courtesy of Grand Designs –…

Buy a weekend pass to the festival for £15


On the map exhibition


I’m currently researching my map for this interesting exhibition at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery.

For the ON THE MAP exhibition I’m bringing together artists from around the UK to create contemporary maps that are a conceptual adventure challenging our relationship to the environment we pass through. Some of the maps are local to Sunbury others are further afield. This is a three fold exhibition including an exhibition, physical walks that anyone can complete and a series of published maps.

Keep Thursday 23rd April free for the Private View at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery.

The exhibition will run from the 14th April to 10th May.
The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery,
The Walled Garden,
Thames Street,
TW16 6AB
Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 5pm (summer) 10am – 4pm (winter)

The other map makers include –

Natasha Day
Peter S Smith
Bill Mudge
Robert Good
Jill Hedges
Melanie Ezra & Rose Davies
Dean Reddick
Bryan Benge
Glyn Walton

Art of Caring exhibition call-out

Art of Caring Call-out


I’ve been luckily enough to be artist-in-residence at the Nursing Faculty of Kingston University and St George’s University London over the past two years. To help celebrate International Nurse’s Day on the 12th May 2015 I’m organising the Art of Caring exhibition at the Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames. If you would like to contribute we have 250 spaces for artwork available. See all the details below.
If you would like to come along and visit the exhibition then it will be open from 10am-6pm daily from 12th-16th May 2015. I’ll be exhibiting my work alongside hundreds of other artists and it would be lovely to see you there.Get involved in this exciting open art exhibition at The Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames. The theme is Caring/Care and it is FREE to enter. If you would like to submit your artwork then follow the guidelines below.

Where do I send my images?

Send up to 3 Jpegs/photos of your work to
before Tuesday 31st March 2015 (Midnight).
The images should be approximately postcard size – A6 (10.5 x 14.8cm)
Include your name, title of the image/work and your website address if you have one.
The Theme
Your art/photo should respond to the theme of Caring/Care.
Feeling or showing care and compassion. Relating to professional social or medical care. To be troubled or concerned; be affected emotionally. To have regard, affection, or consideration. To have a desire or taste. To provide physical needs, help, or comfort. To agree or like (to do something). 

Or your interpretation of the theme…….

The Rose Theatre, Kingston

The Exhibition

We will print two copies of your artwork as an A6 postcard. One for the exhibition and one to send to you. Your name and title will appear beside your image.
The exhibition will be at The Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 1HL. Open from the 12th-16th May 2015 (10am to 6pm) in the circle gallery space.
The exhibition will also be part of an exciting day that celebrates nursing around the world, with poetry, live music and drawing, expert speakers on the challenges of modern nursing on Friday 15th May.
A panel of artists and Kingston University Nursing Society members will be selecting 10-20 of their favourite images. These will be printed at an A3 size and framed.Will my work be selected?
We are working with the artists’ collective, CollectConnect, who specialise in inclusive exhibitions. We aim to include at least one artwork by each artist but if you send us 3 then we hope to include them all. We have a ‘First come-First served’ policy, this sometimes means we close before the deadline.
Keep it Simple
Send your images to and be part of the exhibition!
 Visit the Art of Caring exhibition pages Submit, Exhibition, Artists and Festival to find out more.Alban