Album Art

Most of my illustration time is concerned with documenting gigs, recording sessions and live performances. See all of live work on the Art of Jazz Blog. Here’s a list of my most recent album cover artwork –


Pete Lee – The Velvet Rage, Ubuntu Music, 2018
Ornate – Terry Emm, 2018
Tumultuous Tenors – Two, 2018
Balagan Café Band – F-IRE Record label, 2018


Samuel Eagles SPIRIT – Ask, Seek, Knock

Samuel Eagles’ SPIRIT – Ask, Seek, Knock, Whirlwind Recordings, 2017

George Colligan – More Powerful, Whirlwind Recordings, 2017

Yana – baby/people,  Two Rivers Records, 2017

Julian Costello Qaurtet – Transitions, 33 Jazz Records, 2017

Collective X – Love and Protest, Two Rivers Records, 2017

New York Standards Quartet (Design Only) – Sleight of Hand, Whirlwind Recordings, 2017

Whirlwind Recordings Sampler – 2017

Juan Maria Solare – White Shadows, 2017

Tumultuous Tenors – One, 2017

Stefanos Tsourelis – Native Speaker, 2017



Andre Canniere – The Darkening Blue, Whirlwind Recordings, 2016

Will Gibson – Facets, Pathway Recordings, 2016

Musson/Edwards/Sanders – Bibimbap, Two Rivers Records, 2016

Tony Kinsey Big Band – Embroidery Suite, 2016

SAWA – Two Rivers Records, 2016

(Design only) Tori Freestone – El Barranco, Whirlwind Recordings, 2016

Melange – Via Maris, Two Rivers Records, 2016

Jason Palmer & Cédric Hanriot – City of Poets, Whirlwind Recordings, 2016

Nautilus – Infrablue, Two Rivers Records, 2016

Patrick Cornelius – When We Were Very Young, Whirlwind Recordings, 2016

Michael Chillingworth – Scratch and Sift, Two Rivers Records, 2016

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – We’ll Meet In The Rain,Two Rivers Records, 2016

Juan Maria Solare – Himmelsrichtungen, Janus Records, 2016

Clemens Christian Poetzsch – PEOPLE & PLACES, Two Rivers Records, 2016

Firefay – The King Must Die, 2016

Diane Taber and the Sunspots – Serve with a straw, 2016

Robert Menzel – Alchemy, Two Rivers Records, 2016


Adobe Photoshop PDFNew York Standards Quartet – Power of 10, Whirlwind Recordings, 2015

Calum Gourlay – Live from The Ridgeway, Two Rivers Records, 2015

Alex Hutton – The Magna Carta Suite, F-IRE Records, 2015

Alya Marquadt – Chai Party, Two Rivers Records, 2015

Juan Maria Solare – Ultratango, Janus Records, 2015

Emily Saunders – Outsiders Insiders (inside), 2015

Partikel – String Theory, Whirlwind Recordings, 2015


Juan Maria Solare – Aphorismen, Janus Records, 2015

Max Luthert - debut album art

Max Luthert – debut album art


Leo Appleyard – Pembroke Road, F-IRE, 2014

Orbital – Max Luthert, Whirlwind Recordings, 2014

Next Beginning – Samuel Eagles, F-IRE, 2014

Gardel al Piano – Juan Maria Solare, Janus Records, 2014

Vol.1 – Jaume Gispert / 50 on a Daily Trunk, Nomada 57, 2014

Acuarelas junto al rio inmovil – Juan Maria Solare, Janus Records 2014



Sam Leak/Aquarium – Places

Places – Aquarium / Sam Leak, Jellymould Jazz, 2013

Sutures and Stitches – Ollie Howell Quintet, Whirlwind Recordings, 2013

Road Ahead – Mark Perry/Duncan Eagles with Gareth Lockrane/Ola Onabule/Max Luthert/Sam Leak/Chris Nickolls , F-IRE, 2013

The Arrival – Kelvin Christiane, 2013

The Acoustic Years – Lesley Christiane, 2013


On It – Tony Heiberg Quintet 2012


Cohesion  – Partikel, Whirlwind Recordings 2011

Legentis –  Alex Hutton Trio – F-IRE Collective 2011


And know I know –  Paul Jordanous Ensemble 2011

Aquarium – Sam  Leak/Aquarium, Babel 2011

Jazz Proof –  Jazz Proof 2011

Skylight –  Bill Mudge Trio 2011


Partikel –  Partikel, Label – F-IRE Collective 2010


If you’d like me to document your gig/recording session drop me an email at and I’ll come and check you out.

Animations You’ll find a generous selection of animations on You tube that have been inspired by tunes, follow the link below – Alex Hutton animation

I’m working on a Jazz/Art/Film project with Bill Mudge, Max Luthert, Duncan Eagles and Peter Ibbetson – Showing our work in Cinemas and galleries globally. We’ve recently won our first award from the Twickenham Film Festival Murder Minutes

Books     I’ve started printing artists books through the family publishing firm Sampson Low Ltd
I’ve signed my first contract with Open University Press for a book in 2015.

Other Projects Recently I’ve completed illustration work for other printed materials, Recruitment and Fashion websites. Also I’ve animated a sequences for the opening titles of the O2 Tennis Masters, BBC/Tennis TV.


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